Blank Aspect NLF library 1.6 : Manual

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1  Overview

NLF (Nested-List File) format is a general, chunk-based file metaformat for binary data. The Blank Aspect NLF library is a Java package, uk.blankaspect.common.nlf, whose classes can be used to read, write and manipulate documents in NLF format.

An example application, NlfExample, is provided as a demonstration of some aspects of the uk.blankaspect.common.nlf API.

1.1  Reference

2  Requirements

The NLF library requires a Java runtime environment that supports Java SE 8 (Java 1.8), such as Oracle's Java Runtime Environment (JRE), version 8 or later.

3  Contents of the distribution

The distribution of the Blank Aspect NLF library contains the following files and directories:

license.txt A copy of the GNU General Public License, version 3 — the license under which the library is distributed.
lib/nlf.jar The NLF library package, uk.blankaspect.common.nlf.
docs/ Contains documentation for the NLF library package.
docs/api/ Contains the Javadoc-generated documentation for the uk.blankaspect.common.nlf API.
src/ Contains the source code of the NLF library package.
nlfExample/build.xml An Ant build file for compiling, JARing and running the NlfExample application, and for generating Javadoc documentation for the source file nlfExample/src/
nlfExample/bin/nlfExample.jar A console application that demonstrates some of the aspects of the NLF library.
nlfExample/manual/ Contains a manual for the NlfExample application.
nlfExample/src/ Contains the source code of the NlfExample application.

Appendix A:  Providing feedback about the Blank Aspect NLF library

The Blank Aspect NLF library is currently part of the Onda project hosted by SourceForge. To report bugs in the NLF library or to suggest modifications to it, please refer to the instructions for providing feedback on the Onda home page. If you provide feedback, please remember to make it clear that your message relates to the NLF library, not to the Onda application.

Last modified: 2017-10-24